The ultimate business valuation software. Includes all common valuation methods and generates a comprehensive report that can be fully customized.

Business Valuation Training

Whether you are just starting out on your valuation journey or you are an experienced expert just looking to sharpen the saw, we have something for everyone. If you can’t find a training session that works for you, jump on our mailing list by subscribing to the sample report and we will let you know when new training events are available. Also feel free to suggest a training topic or invite us to present at your conference. If you are looking for training on how to use the valuation ultimate software check out our deep dives on the video page of the website.

Free Business Valuation Training

A Practical Guide to Business Valuation Theory and Common Valuation Methods Used in the Real World

Format: Free Webinar


1pm-3pm Tuesday 6th August 2024 (AEST)

Can’t make any of the dates? You can access a recording of a previous webinar here.

Presented by Trevor Monaghan, CAANZ Business Valuation Specialist. Trevor has personally written more than 800 business valuation reports across most industries and most jurisdictions in Australia, including regular appointments as single expert in family law matters of all sizes and complexities. This training is designed for accountants, brokers, CEO’s and other professionals who want to bed down the valuation fundamentals and find out how common valuation issues get handled practically in the real world. Learn the top mistakes made by business valuers and how to avoid them yourself.

– Definitions & Technical Resources
– Value Components (Enterprise Value vs Goodwill vs Equity Value)
– Business Valuation Methods:
  – Capitalisation of Future Maintainable Earnings (CFME)
  – Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  – Comparable Transactions
  – Guideline Public Companies
  – Rule of Thumb
  – Summation of Net Asset Values
  – Unadjusted Net Assets
– Levels of Value (Controlling vs Minority)
– Data Sources
– Live Practical Examples using Valuation Ultimate
– Valuation Scope and Example Pricing Matrix
– Top 10 Mistakes Made by Business Valuers
– Questions: Ask me anything!