Create a Job

Overview #

A job is the base of a Valuation. A Job will have multiple levels below it consisting of Entities, Job Segments & Scenarios.

A job costs 100 credits to create and has an expiry of three months for data entry.

Create Job #

Job Form
  • Job Type: Determines what Job features are available
  • Job Name: Name of Job, will appear on reports
  • Date of Valuation: Date the valuation is being performed
  • Currency Symbol: Currency symbol which will appear for the system and reports
  • Status: Current status of the job
  • Due Date: Internal date for when the Job is due to be complete
  • Details: Internal notes for the details of the Job
  • Contact: Contact information for the Job
  • Client Details: Client details for the Job
  • Assigned Users: Which Firm Members have access to this job (Note. All firm administrators have access to every Job)
  • Create Entity: Create an initial entity for the Job

Create Entity #

When creating a Job, you can also create a first Entity.

Create job – Entity section
  • Entity Name: Name of the entity
  • Industry Code (SIC): Standard Industrial Classification for the entity. (Note. Using Google and performing a search for “sic industry” will generally give you a correct result
  • Entity Industry Description: A short description of the industry