Firm Overview

Table of Contents

Menus #

Firm Menus Expanded.
  • Firm Overview: Goes to Dashboard
  • Options:
    • Firm Settings: View Firm Settings
    • Firm Members: Manage Firm Members
    • Purchase Credits: Purchase credits to create jobs
    • Credit History: View the history of credits
    • Invoices: Display invoices for purchased credits
    • View Deleted Jobs: Show jobs which have been deleted. (These can be restored)
    • Delete Firm: Delete the firm (By default Valuation Ultimate staff will be able to restore)
  • Portal: View all jobs and status of Client Portals
  • Templates: Valuation Ultimate allows you to create templates to be used within a Job.
    • Custom Reports: A Custom Report template
    • Paragraphs: Paragraphs are snippets of text which can be loaded into custom reports
    • Questionnaires: Questionnaires for the Client Portal
    • Checklists: Job Checklists which help follow a process to complete a Job.
    • Report Watermarks: Used on the cover page of a Report.

Job Section #

Will list all jobs for the Firm and status of some job attributes.

Job Listing within a Firm Dashboard
  • New Job: Start a new Job, if credits are unavailable