Overview #

Stakeholders are used for multiple purposes in Valuation Ultimate:

  • Link a client to Reports
  • Allocate equity shares to a stakeholder
  • Allow access to users to the Valuation Ultimate Portal

Stakeholders on Job Dashboard

Create a Stakeholder #

A Stakeholder is created from the Job Dashboard.

Stakeholder form

  • Name: Name of the Stakeholder
  • Email Address: Email address for when you are expecting to invite this stakeholder to the portal
  • Is Client: Is the stakeholder a client for the Job. Checking this will add this stakeholders name to sections of the report (Eg. Report Prepared For)
  • Invite to Portal: Invite a user for the Stakeholder to allow access to the Portal. This will allow the user to answer questionnaires and see published reports. (Note. More information regarding inviting stakeholders can be found in Portal)

Order Stakeholders #

Order the stakeholders will change the order of display in reports. When clicking Order, the Stakeholder tiles you will be able to drag to change the order.