Firm Members

What is a Firm Member #

Valuation Ultimate allows you to invite Users to a Firm to complete Valuations.

Firm Members

Invite a Firm Member #

To send a Firm Member invitation use to Invite User from the Firm Members screen.

Firm Member invite form
  • Name: Name of Member
  • Email Address: Email address invitation will be sent
  • Extra message: Additional message emailed to user
  • Administrator: Give user full administrator access to Firm
  • Job Access: Allocate access to specific jobs for Member (Note. This only applies to non Administrator members)
  • Can Add Credits: Allow user to purchase credits for the Firm
  • Can View Credit History: Allow user access to payment history of Firm
  • Can Create Job: Allow user to use credits to create a Job
  • Can Delete Job: Allow user to delete Job (Note. Only jobs user has permission to access)
  • Can Create Custom Report: Allow user to create Firm level custom report templates
  • Can Create Paragraph Templates: Allow user to create Firm level paragraph templates
  • Can Create Questionnaire Templates: Allow user to create Firm level questionnaire templates
  • Can Create Checklist Templates: Allow user to create Firm level checklist templates
  • Can Create Report Watermarks: Allow user to upload Firm level report watermarks

User will receive an email to accept the Firm invitation to create or login to an existing user to link access to Firm Member.

Manage an Invitation #

You can manage the invitation in the Invited section

  1. Manage Invitation: Allow changing details of the invitation
  2. Update User: Allow change of permissions of invitation
  3. Cancel Invitation: Expires the invitation (Note. Email of invitation would have been sent, but user will be prompted with invitation is invalid message when accessing)

Manage a Firm Member #

Any permissions assigned to a Firm Member can updated using the Update User option.

Remove a Firm Member #

You can remove a user from a Firm Member using the Remove User option.

Removing a Firm Member removes access for the user to the Firm. The Firm Member will remain for auditing and references the user made in Jobs.

A removed Firm Member will appear in the Removed section of Firm Members